Exalted Ruler Message
Greetings From The Station Of Fidelity,

   February is going to be a busy month. We have nominations for the new Officers on the 5th & the 12th of the month. The 19th we’ll be voting for our new lodge Officers for the year of 2019-2020. Please come and vote for who you’d like to be the next Officers of your lodge. We have need of some Volunteers to continue the Monday Hot Dogs. The Volunteers can be made up of a few different Teams, so that they’re not working every Monday. We need to get a crew together or there won’t be Monday Hot Dogs anymore. If you can volunteer once or twice a month PLEASE, let me know.
  Super Bowl Sunday is the 3rd and we’re having Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for sale and you can bring a side dish to share if you’d like. The Party starts at 1pm. The Valentines Dance is Saturday the 9th. Bring your Sweetheart to the lodge and have a fun filled evening of Dinner and Dancing. Casino Night is the 16th. This is always a fun filled evening. Bee Wright and her crew of Volunteers have done an amazing job with the Casino events. Help support your lodge by attending.
  March is Piggy Bank month! Keep filling those Purple Pigs and bring them into the Lodge on the 12th of March for a discount on your meal that’s being cooked by the Sherri Chef’s. This is the last Purple Pig night for the year 2018-2019. Remember,all it takes is “A coin a day so they can walk, talk, see and play.”

Your Exalted Ruler,
Darin Combs
Leading Knight Message

Greetings From The Station Of Charity,

   Hello My Elks Family Here it is, the first month of the New Year has come and gone. Time to make memories for the year 2019. If you didn’t get a chance to make the Pasadena bus trip, you missed another awesome time. As always, Pasadena Lodge members were wonderful hosts and served some great meals. Aside from leaving hundreds of dollars behind so we could bring home our lodge belongings, we also left them 311 shotgun shells. 250 were reloaded with dimes totaling $100.00 and 61 shells were reloaded with sand..... I know this to be a fact, since we...Darin, Debbie and I were a part of that process...hahahahaha.... I’m sure Pasadena is still trying to get those dimes out... hahahahaha. Looking forward to the Valentines Day Party and Casino night this month... and as usual... our Sunday night dances... let’s continue to support our Lodge to make it the best it can be Stay Safe..... Be Blessed

Your Esteemed Leading Knight,
Ilona Kelemen

Loyal Knight Message


 Hello, one and all. Here’s an update on the Hoop Shoot. The two kids who won our Lodges’ Hoop Shoot Contest went to District. They were also the winners there and will now go on to the State Championships. Congratulations to this brother and sister team. The Ritual contest is coming up soon and we are studying hard to make a good showing again this year. Yours in Elkdom,

Your Esteemed Loyal Knight,
Cynthia Brehm

Lecturing Knight Message

Greetings From The Station Of Brotherly Love,

 Hello All I do hope that everyone had a very Happy New Years Eve and no one had any unforeseen emergencies. It is also my hope that you keep all your resolutions. Even though February is the shortest month of the year it is also an important month for Elks. It’s the month when we elect Lodge officers. I know you have heard this before, but if you feel that you can, and want to make a difference, come to the meeting and let your voice be heard.

Your Esteemed Lecturing Knight,
Willie Norman