Lancaster Elks Lodge 1625
240 East Ave. K.
Lancaster, California 93535

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Phone: (661) 948-1912
Lodge Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4pm
Lodge Meeting: Tuesdays 7pm
Monthly Messages
Monthly Messages From Our Inner Guard and Chaplain
Greetings From The Station Of Fidelity,

Happy 2020 my Elks family!
  I pray that you have a prosperous and fulfilling year to come. It is surreal for me to realize that my year of being the Exalted Ruler of Lancaster Lodge #1625 is nearing the end. It truly has been a wonderful experience. I never thought that when I took my oath as a new member only a few short years ago that I would be in the position that I am in today. I truly have been blessed. With that being said, I hope you all will be joining us for the Valentines Dinner Dance on February 8th and our Casino Night on February 22nd. I am looking forward to a fun time. As always, Stay Safe, Be Blessed and look forward to an exciting New Year.

Your Exalted Ruler,
Ilona Kelemen

Greetings From The Station Of Charity,

I would just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed being Leading Knight this year. There was a lot going on, but we all pushed through. I am so proud of us. The new Elk year is almost upon us and I want you to know that 1st nominations are on February 4, 2nd nominations are on the 11th and elections are on the 18th. Be sure to turn out to help elect/appoint our leaders for the coming year. Also, I hope you all plan to attend our Casino Night on February 22. This is a big money-maker for our Lodge. Bee and her helpers always do an excellent job. Come and be prepared to have a Ton of Fun. Until next month,

Your Esteemed Leading Knight,
Cynthia Brehm

Greetings From The Station Of Justice

Hello All
    I do hope that everyone’s year has started the way you planned and I hope it continues throughout the year. Speaking of a new year, can you believe that we are about to end our Elk year which means that the officers that are in place now will be ending their term and new officers have to be elected and appointed. So if you feel like you want to make a difference, let it be known to someone

Your Esteemed Loyal Knight,
Willie Norman

Greetings From The Station Of Brotherly Love,

Hello Elk Family,
    Time waits on no one. Many enjoyable activities are being held at your Elks Lodge. Come on down and enjoy the fun. While you are busy with your New Year’s Resolutions, please include greater participation in your Elks Lodge as one of your resolutions. This is a Leap Year, so February gives you an additional day to enjoy your Elks Lodge. Come with us as we charter new courses along our ‘never ending’ journey to make your Elks experience very enjoyable. Let us hope that the groundhog fails to see its shadow when it emerges from its den so we can have an early Spring. Regardless of the weather though, let us speak kind words to the living and cherish the memory of the dead. .

Your Esteemed Lecturing Knight,
Walter Sapp

Chaplain’s Corner,

Father in Heaven,
  Uncle Sam is every Elk’s Relative! He is our favorite relative and a figure of admiration or hate for most of the world. Uncle Sam has been around for a long time – since 1852. We seem to be the only country whose national popular symbol is everybody’s relative. Father in Heaven, that says something good for Uncle Sam, his nephews and nieces. Thus, we Elks are in a very real sense, everybody’s relative. Now let us to continue to be Good Elks – Proud Americans Amen Author: Kevin W. Cassidy

Submitted by: Chaplain
Nancy Jo Hatfield,