Lancaster Elks Lodge 1625
240 East Ave. K.
Lancaster, California 93535

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Phone: (661) 948-1912
Lodge Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4pm
Lodge Meeting: Tuesdays 7pm
Special Events

1625 Celebrates 82nd Anniversary!
Last Saturday (Oct. 2, 2021), our Lodge celebrated it's 82nd Anniversary with a great evening of friendship, food and music. Festivities began with cocktails, followed by a sumptuous chicken dinner. Much appreciation goes out to Debbie Driver, Josie Grey, Ronnie Norman and all who contributed to a delicious meal. ER Willie Norman also acknowledged the volunteers who contributed to a fun evening with thanks to attendees. The Band, Run Away Train got the diners up and onto the dance floor with a nice assortment of music. Much gratitude to all involved. Photos by Lodge Bulletin Editor Debbie Driver.

Father's Day Celebration
On this past Father's Day (June 20th), Lancaster Elks celebrated the day with an inspiring program and breakfast. Opening the program, Exalted Ruler Willie Norman welcomed the attendees, spoke briefly and then introduced featured speaker April Barr. A message of uplifting and loving qualities, April emphasized the importance of fathers in the family unit. Following, messages related to fatherhood were delivered by Esquire Darin Combs, Lecturing Knight Marcy Simily, Loyal Knight Glen Campbell and Leading Knight Jess Baker. Lodge Chaplain Nancy Jo Hatfield followed with a prayer and ER Norman closed the program. Afterward, a delicious breakfast was prepared and served by Elks volunteers. Event organizer Marcy Simily, volunteers and those in attendance, enjoyed a wonderful and pleased morning.
Pictured: L/R, Esquire Darin Combs, featured speaker (and Scouting Chairperson) April Barr and Chaplain Nancy Jo Hatfield.

Lodge 1625 celebrates Chea VP Visit!
On Tuesday (June 15), our Lodge was proud to host CHEA Vice President Rose Marie Johnson from Hesperia Lodge #2646. The visit which was comprised of presentations of Lodge Chairpersons and a delicious pork dinner prepared by Lodge Desert Elk Editor, Debbie Driver and served by volunteers. An enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance.
Pictured Top Photo) l/r: AVP Rose Marie Johnson, Lodge First Lady Ronnie Norman and Exalted Ruler Willie Norman.

Mother's Day
Our Lodge celebrated Mother's Day 2021 with a touching and moving tribute, with a nice size size group in attendance. ER Willie Norman presided over the ceremony which featured speaker Jerry Mundell referring to motherhood as the traditional cornerstone of the family. We could relate and appreciate Jerry's talk whether our mothers be living or deceased. On a more uplifting note, potted floral plants were given to attending mothers who were the youngest, oldest, having the most grandchildren and who traveled the longest distance to attend. The success for this program must also recognize organizers Lecturing Knight Marcy Simily and Debbie Driver, Lodge bulletin editor. We are also thankful for the outstanding kitchen crew which prepared and served a delicious breakfast. Debbie Driver, Lodge bulletin editor along with dedicated volunteers, were responsible for the beautiful setting in the Trophy Room where a delicious breakfast was served. Lecturing Knight Marcy Simily and ER Willie Norman, the principals responsible for the success of our Mother's Day program along with an outstanding group of great volunteers.

Veteran Walter Sapp
Covid Survivor
Sapp, 76, believed he did well surviving Vietnam 50 years ago.
He served as a fighting sailor in "brown water navy," boats that fought the Viet Cong on coastal and inland waterways.
He never got a "Welcome Home" parade for that. But Saturday, he got a parade for surviving Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, the virus that has killed more than 130,000 Americans, many of them older citizens. More than 3 million Americans are infected, with Los Angeles County one of the nation's hot spots.
"I spent three months, and five days in the hospital," Sapp said in an interview from his home. "And 39 days of it were in a coma. I don't remember anything."
Sapp, known as a veterans community supporter and Loyal Knight of Elks Lodge 1625 in Lancaster, was welcomed home by a thundering procession of motorcyclists from Patriot Guard Riders, Patriot Crusaders, bikers who ride with American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Following in cars were vet supporters from Sapp's own military support group, Coffee4Vets, as well as Vets4Veterans, Point Man of the Antelope Valley and other groups.
The signs were simple - "Welcome Home, Walter," and "We Love You, Walter," and "Semper Paratus," the U.S. Coast Guard motto, meaning "Always Prepared."
Scouts held aloft Old Glory and a Coast Guard flag, while Sapp, 76, waited on the front lawn, masked, and wheel-chair mobile.
"I never leave the house without my mask," he said. "This is serious."
Sapp's 97-day ordeal began in March when his wife, Susan, noted he had a fever. They drove around, seeking a drug pharmacy that would have an electronic thermometer, "but they were already sold out everywhere."
They got to the doctor's office and his regular care physician noted fever, and that his oxygen level was dangerously low.
"He called 911, and that is the last thing that I remember."
Sapp's circumstances were dire. He had a number of markers that could complicate his survival prospects. He was a 76-year-old African-American man, with underlying conditions from exposure to chemicals during the Vietnam War. The majority of fatalities have been above the age of 65, with underlying health conditions, and disproportionate numbers of African-American deaths.
"At one point they expected that he would die, but I would not let that happen," his wife said.
Rather than increasing drugs for comfort, she insisted on a tracheotomy to clear his airway. After about six weeks in the hospital, he was transferred to Greater West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center where he said, "I got the best care."
"I had doctors, social workers, physical therapists," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, they were the best."
Nearly 14 weeks later, he came home, a survivor.

Elks Lodge #1625 Clean-up

Thank You from KJ Miller If when driving on Ave. K and turning into the Lancaster ElKS lodge, you might notice that it appears a little cleaner, the trees a little better shaped, the grounds are void of dead leaves and the only sign of all the tumble weeds is the black burn spot in the dirt. Then you might notice that all the weeds in the storage lot and all around the campgrounds are gone and the whole area was completely raked and cleaned of hunks of concrete, stones and various types of twigs and branches. It has been several years since the lodge has looked this neat and clean and you can thank BOB HANCOCK for putting together a yard cleaning work party. He had 25 to 30 volunteers show up on that first Wed., with each member bringing their "at home tools" which consisted of rakes, shovels, hoes, chain saws, weed wackers and even a tractor with a brush hog attachment for cutting 6 foot tall mustard plants. Not to forget a Bob Cat that had a big claw on the front loader to pick up big piles of branches. One would think that 15 or more folks could do all that cleanup in a day, but the more we cut and trimmed the more we found to do. What started out to be a one Wednesday work party turned into a 6 Wednesday work party. At a glance, the yard work doesn't look like a big deal, but several trees had to be trimmed and cut back so that the bigger rigs could get into the camp spots. After the weeds were cut we found years worth of dead leaves which had to be raked up, rocks, bottles, paper, concrete chunks, asphalt, and just general trash. To all the members that gave the lodge their time, a simple Thank You does not seem to be enough. With that being said, here is a list of members that faithfully showed up each Wednesday morning until noon or later. I had three people make up a work list and these are the folks that helped out. If I have missed anyone, I am truly sorry. Thanks to the following Members. Bob Hancock for putting this together, Lori Hancock, Steve Crowell, April Barr, KJ Miller with tractor and brush hog, Eric Alfonso, Jerry Higgs, Jerry Mundell, Sid Simily, Bill Ryan, Al Hernandez, Cliff Rhym, Jim LaRue, Pat Lynch, Jay Jenkins, Don Lingren, Dave Supin, James Temple, Monty Meeks, Pat Meeks, Barney Williamson, Wanda Olson, Willie Norman, Cynthia Brehm, Ivan Mihaljevich with his bobcat, Jess Baker, Lori Smith, Duane Svoda, and Lenny Guerra. Thank you doesn't seem quite enough but it is all I can offer. KJ Miller

Elks Lodge 1625 Sponsors
Antelope Valley CERT Training Class

The Antelope Valley CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) recently graduated 25 CERT trained volunteers in a CERT Basic Class held at the Lancaster Elks Lodge. "This was an outstanding partnership between CERT, Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff Departments, and the Elks" said Mark Hagan, lead instructor and Lancaster Team Captain. This training will provide a high quality CERT course and actions customized to serve Lancaster residents and the local community during disasters.

"This is well in the scope of Elkdom and our outreach and service to the community" stated the Lodge's Exalted Ruler Ilona Kelemen. "Our lodge has teamed with the local CERT team to locate an emergency supplies container on lodge property for the local community and to host future CERT classes in our lodge. We look forward to growing this relationship."

The CERT Basic Class covers modules and practical skills training on Disaster Preparedness, Fire Suppression, Triage and Treatment in a Disaster Medical Operations Environment, “Light” Search and Rescue, the CERT Organization, the Incident Command System (ICS), Disaster Psychology, and Terrorism. This class was focused on training citizens to be ready to help one another and aid in response efforts to minimize the overall impact of a disaster and aid in expediting recovery efforts. Students took the challenge and were willing to be part of aiding themselves, their neighbors, and the local community in time of need, and promote the need to be prepared, ready to respond and recover. Thanks to the Elks, LA County Fire Department, LA Sheriff Department, and members of our local CERT program here in the Antelope Valley for the team effort. Lancaster CERT plans to hold this class annually in January at the Lodge, in additions to other dates and places in the Antelope Valley. We are very blessed to have an excellent local teaching team and community support.

Jay Jenkins, Lancaster Elks Lodge #1625, Public Relations

Elks Lodge 1625
Casino Night
On February 22nd, Lancaster Elks had a festive evening as the lodge hosted its annual Casino Night fundraiser. This fun event was very well attended and everyone from amateurs to "card sharks" seemed to have a great time. Event chairperson Bee Wright is to be congratulated for organizing such a successful, fun-filled event.

Elks Lodge 1625 Superbowl Party 2020
This photo montage was the creation of our ace Lodge Photographer, Nathaniel (Nate) Cross. It collectively shows the great afternoon at last Sunday's lodge Super Bowl party. The game room was packed with lodge members, guests and plenty of delicious food. In addition to raffles, a great time appears to be had by all.

Elks Lodge 1625 Annual Pasadena Trip
Off to Pasadena we go!
  January 13, 25 members from Lancaster Lodge got on the bus headed for Pasadena. Sandwich’s and liquid libations were loaded aboard as we left at 5:00 pm. We rode to Pasadena in comfort watching the movie Jaws 3 as a silent movie. There were, however, many sound effects made by the members on board. Upon arriving at Pasadena, we were greeted by several of the members of their Lodge and welcomed by them. Their Lodge is an incredible building and really fun to see. We were then directed to go downstairs to their restaurant area for an absolutely fabulous dinner.
  There were four different entrees of steak, chicken, pasta with sausage, or fish. I can say the steak was outstanding. After dinner we joined their Lodge meeting for Good of the Order where prizes were awarded to members who had bought tickets. Then came the highlight of the meeting, when some of the items that mysteriously disappeared from our Lodge (the last time Pasadena visited our Lodge) were auctioned off, mostly to our members. It was all in fun and the members of Pasadena were great hosts, We then presented a stuffed elk to the ER of Pasadena who was named “Elkie”. It was quite heavy since it was stuffed with quarters. The ER was very grateful and thanked us for our generosity. The trip home was uneventful as many went to sleep. It was indeed a wonderful trip and we are looking forward to their visit to our Lodge in August and our trip to their Lodge next year. Bill

Elks Lodge 1625 Annual Lamb BBQ
Lancaster lodge celebrated its annual Lamb BBQ (and chicken) on Saturday, October 5th.
Unbeknownst to many, this annual event, held on the first Saturday of October is to celebrate our lodge's anniversary, in this case, our 80th. A delicious dinner featuring lamb steaks, chicken, scalloped potatoes, country beans, salad and rolls was proudly prepared.

  Those who came to the wine tasting party had an enjoyable night of fun and fellowship. The evening started by everyone being introduced to the different wines available. There were two companies who presented wines to be tasted, Terry and Brian Wilson from D’Vine Wine Bar, Victorville, and Golden Star Vineyards, Littlerock.
  Wanda and Barney provided cheese, bread, crackers, fruit, chocolate and an assortment of other goodies, as well as, most, (if not all) of the raffle prizes. Wanda also provided listening music for the enjoyment of all. Later in the evening the raffle was held along with the 50/50 drawing.
  It was all legit, but that particular table did win a lot of the prizes Although Bob is not in the picture, he was one of the Hancock table. . A big thank you goes out to all who came to the party even if you were not wine drinkers. A special thanks goes out to the members who came from Mojave Lodge to support our fund raiser. We should try to return the favor by attending their fund raiser rib cook-off, October 18, 19, and 20. RV spots are available.
A special thanks goes to the helpers, Cynthia Brehm, Sheila Mundell, Nancy Jo Hatfield and Karen Campbell for the beautiful necklace she donated. All in all, everyone had a great time of fun, fellowship and relaxation. If you couldn’t make it this time, try not to miss it next time. Don’t miss a great party twice.

Lancaster Elks Lodge #1625
Lays Wreath at
Veteran's Memorial

Elks Lodge 1625 Superbowl Party 2020
This photo montage was the creation of our ace Lodge Photographer, Nathaniel (Nate) Cross. It collectively shows the great afternoon at last Sunday's lodge Super Bowl party. The game room was packed with lodge members, guests and plenty of delicious food. In addition to raffles, a great time appears to be had by all.

Elks Lodge #1625 9th Annual Car Show
Lancaster Elks proudly presented its 9th Annual Car Show on May 4th. With over 70 cars and trucks entered, 1600 attendees were feted to various activities and displays, to include vintage tractors, steam engines, 2 model railroad displays, and a huge bake sale. Some 250 prizes were raffled off, a car wash was available by the Naval Sea Cadets, 250 burgers were served and music provided by a disc jockey, capping off a picture-perfect day. The lodge wishes to thank KJ Miller for all of his successful efforts towards this event.